Executive Messages - Scholar Consult Co.
Asaho Minohara

A Self-Disrupting Enterprise That Continues to Evolve

CEO, Scholar Consult

Asaho Minohara

This year marks the 35th anniversary of our company’s inception. Our foundational aspiration was to help Japan create an environment where a life of true happiness and fulfillment is attainable, and these ideals form the bedrock of our business. Driven by that goal, we have worked with numerous enterprises to implement reforms, maintaining the link between personal and business growth, and bringing change through a reality-focused process that relies on humanity’s innate creative energy.

Pleasure, purpose, and personal fulfillment will be the driving forces of our world going forward, and the richness of those qualities will be a key factor. Meanwhile, modern business leaders have to contend with unforeseen changes in the landscape. For us, these shifts represent a turning point in the path of our evolution, and we find ourselves standing at the entrance of a new phase in our pursuit as we embrace our foundational roots.

Managing a business entails the finding of solutions in a world where the correct solution is unfindable. Over the years, we have acquired new capabilities through the partnerships and relationships we’ve forged with firms that possess distinct strengths, while the services we provide to our clients have enabled us to build a network of practitioners and accumulate practical know-how, and our team-wide corporate management model has fostered our collaborative skills. We hope to bring these tools to bear as we continue to be a close partner to the firms we serve, facilitating their evolution and helping them carve the most optimal path forward.

Masaharu Shibata

What We Aspire to Be

Chief Process Designer

Masaharu Shibata

At Scholar Consult, our mission is to help organizations build an environment where those who are employed there can find gratification in their work, and to assist these firms in their efforts to fulfill their social purpose (which, for a commercial enterprise, means improved performance).

When we take on the task of bringing change to an organization’s culture and makeup, what we’re trying to do is create an environment where collaborative working is seen as the most natural way of doing things. And with this change will come better business results.

The reality is that an overwhelming majority of the working population is engaged in jobs that offer very little in terms of personal fulfillment. A significant number of people sincerely believe that the pursuit of fulfilling work is a fantasist idea that will only derail the path to financial success.

The best way to counter this is to create a constant series of precedents that belie this notion. And as fulfilling work becomes increasingly normalized, after a certain point, a person working an unsatisfying job will be regarded as the exception rather than the norm.

Until that time comes, Scholar Consult will continue to pursue the twin goal of improved job fulfillment and better business performance, one step at a time.