Company Profile - Scholar Consult Co.
Corporate name

Scholar Consult Co., Ltd.




Asaho Minohara


40 million JPY

Description of business

Provision of consulting services to help implement corporate culture reforms through process design

Corporate address
6F Tokyo Design Center, 5-25-19 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa, Tokyo, 141-0022
TEL:03-5420-6251 FAX 03-5420-6250
9F Higobashi Nittai Building, 1-10-2 Edobori, Nishi, Osaka, Osaka, 550-0002
Number of employees

35 process designers and 10 administrative staff members (as of June 2021)

Overview of businesses and services

-Consulting services to help implement corporate culture reforms
-Reform support programs and training courses
-Business management support for SMEs
-Cultural reform support for ministries, government agencies, and local governments
-Lectures, publishing, and seminars

Consulting track record
  • Since the company’s founding in 1986, Scholar Consult has undertaken over 2000 cultural reform consulting projects. Cultural reform consulting makes up some 80 percent of our business.
  • Scholar Consult has a workforce of some 45 employees, a little over 35 of whom are process designers. We provide team-based consulting services that embody our “All Scholar Value” and leverage the combined force of our talent resources.